Sources of FundingThe annual earnings generated from each permanent endowed fund is used yearly to support the specific intent of each of these funds. The principal from each of these funds is never utilized even as it grows – “it lives forever” Only the annual earnings generated is used. Funds that are not endowed are used to respond to unanticipated community needs as well as cover administrative costs. Funding to help meet these un-endowed needs is generated by fund raising events (e.g., Golf Annual Outing, Big Bash) and other contributions designated for that specific purpose (e.g., Chemical Bank fund).


Chemical Bank Fund supports and helps fund the Discretionary Fund and its ability to meet unanticipated community needs that fall outside the Foundation’s normal application period/or existing endowed fund use criteria.  Applications accepted throughout the year.

Community Outreach Endowments…The Community Endowment and Outreach Endowment support community projects and program grants for specific areas of interest such as the arts, health, environment, and recreation.  Applications for these endowment are due on January 31st and August 31st of each year.  

Discretionary Fund  is a quick response fund that can be used to meet unanticipated community needs that fall outside the Foundation’s normal application periods/or existing endowed fund use criteria. Applications for these funds will be considered as they are submitted anytime throughout the year by the Board of Directors.  Applications accepted throughout the year.

Education Endowment…Central Montcalm Public Schools (CMPS) are assisted by this fund through grants/scholarships for student enrichment programs that enhance student learning and improve self-esteem.  Teachers and administrators can apply for grants each year and the Foundation’s Grant committee makes recommendations to the Foundation.  Applications for this endowment are due October 1st  of each year.  

Dr. Victor Beal Jr. Scholarship…Education and service were very important to Dr. Beal who graduated from Central Montcalm High School as valedictorian in 1949.  He served his country as a member of the U. S. Army for 1953-1955.  He attended Michigan State University for his Bachelor’s and Purdue University for his PhD. For the rest of his career he worked for the US Department of Agriculture in Washington DC. The scholarship is awarded each year to a student from CMHS with a minimum GPA of 3.5 and planning to attend MSU.  Applications are due March 29th of each year.

Ronald R. Burkholder Athletic and Educational Scholarship…Mr. Burkholder was an avid sports fan, especially when his grandchildren were involved.  After losing his battle to lung cancer in 2003, the Burkholder family established an athletic scholarship from memorial contributions received and continues to grow from annual contributions.  The scholarship goes to a Central Montcalm graduating senior involved in athletics and accepted for admission by a four year college.  Applications are due March 29th of each year.

Leo Gurecki Athletic and Educational Scholarship…The Gurecki family started this endowment from memorial contributions received after the loss of Mr. Gurecki in 2003.  Leo was always involved in school sports and tried to attend every event in which is children and grandchildren were involved.  Leo lived and worked in the Central Montcalm community all of his life, retiring from Bookwalter Motor Sales in 1985.  The scholarship goes to a Central Montcalm graduating senior involved in athletics with first choice going to students attending Central Michigan University and second choice going to students attending Ferris State University. Applications are due March 29th of each year. 

Isabella Bank Scholarship…An annual scholarship funded by Isabella Bank which goes to a Central Montcalm graduating senior attending a four year Michigan college or community college that has demonstrated community involvement through service/volunteerism and has a 3.0 or greater GPA. Applications are due March 29th of each year.

Korson Family Endowment –This endowment is for Central Montcalm students planning to attend Central Michigan University or continuing their education at CMU in the School of Business. Wayne received his Bachelor’s degree from CMU in 1971 in Accounting and Economics. The family has stayed very active on campus and with the School of Business. Applications are due March 29th of each year.

Mall Family Endowment – This endowment will provide funds each year for grants to be approved annually by members of the Mall family.

William McCarthy Endowment … The Montcalm County Sheriff’s department initiated this endowment in 2010.  The endowment will grant a scholarship to a student from Montcalm County who has completed one year in a Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement program. Applications due March 29th of each year.

C. Homer and Charlotte L. Miel Endowment-- This endowment will provide funding for discretionary education grants to teachers or administrators of Central Montcalm Public Schools for various projects they may want to do which have been approved by the Foundation Board of Directors.  Applications are due March 29th of each year.  

Montcalm Area Intermediate School District (MAISD) Education Endowment… The MAISD has teamed up with the CMCF to establish an Endowed Fund for Montcalm County students. The MAISD Education Endowment will provide scholarships as they matriculate to post-secondary education and technical training. These scholarship funds are for students who have an Individual Education Program (IEP) and attend school in Montcalm County. As the fund grows, additional scholarships will be developed to assist students who attend programs developed by the MAISD. Applications are due March 29th of each year.

Kevin Seymour Athletic & Academic Scholarship…Kevin graduated, with honors, from CMHS in 1995.  He was a year-round athlete, involved in many sports during his high school years.  This scholarship endowment, given by his wife, family and friends, invests in Central Montcalm students’ futures for years to come and is given to a student who is both an athlete and a National Honor Society member. Applications are due March 29th of each year.

Bill Thwaites Athletic & Education Scholarship…Bill Thwaites was a valued teacher and athletic coach for many years at Central Montcalm High School. This fund was established following Bill’s death in 2002 to assist graduating seniors involved with the Central Montcalm Athletic Program that plan on attending a four year or community college.  Applications are due March 29th of each year.

Jackie Vander Steen WMU Endowment…Norb, Jackie’s husband, established this scholarship in 2009.  Jackie loved Aviation and took a part time job to pay for flying lessons and soloed shortly after her seventeenth birthday.  Jackie loved being a teacher and received her degree from Western Michigan University (WMU). This scholarship is intended to provide students from CMPS who are interested in aviation or education and are planning on attending WMU.  Students must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and a commitment to volunteerism, extra-curricular activities and leadership in their school and community.  If no student qualifies for the above criteria, consideration will be given to first, students attending Western Michigan University not majoring in Education or Aeronautics; second, students attending Montcalm Community College and intending to transfer to Western Michigan University; and third, students attending Montcalm Community College. Applications are due March 29th of each year.

Penny’s Way, Food & Clothing Funds…Tom and Cathy Mall initiated a matching grant challenge in 2007 of up to $50,000 to establish this fund.  The challenge was met and the Fund’s purpose is to provide financial assistance to 501(c)(3) organizations that distribute food and clothing to those in need within the borders of Montcalm County.  Recommendations from the FEMA Local Food and Emergency Shelter Board (or other reputable organizations such as EightCAP) will be used to help determine who qualifies and needs help the most.  The endowment was named in memory of Penny Thomsen, a Central Montcalm employee who demonstrated great compassion for the children in the area. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Youth and Senior Endowment …. This endowment was established in 2010.  The endowment  provides funding for health, wellness and enrichment programs throughout our community. Applications are due August 31st of each year.

Doug and Nancy Chapin Family Endowment... This endowment is to provide scholarships to CMPS grads who have a 3.0 GPA, 2 sport varsity letters, and planning on attending Central Michigan University, Michigan State University, or Ferris State University.  Applications are due March 29th of each year.

Petersen Family Endowment...  This endowment was established in 2017.  Criteria is yet to be determined.

Ernest (Bud) and Nancy Rogers Family Endowment... This endowment is to provide scholarships to CMPS graduates who plans to attend a four year college or university, community college or trade school in Michigan.  Applications are due March 29th of each year.

Harold Springsteen Endowment... This endowment was established in 2018.  Criteria is yet to be determined.

Erik Thomas Golf and Educational Scholarship Fund... Erik Thomas was a lifelong resident of Stanton and graduated from Central Montcalm in 1989.  This fund was started by his wife, daughter, family and friends, following his death in 2018.  Erik was an avid golfer and graduated from the Golf Academy of the South.  Consideration will be given to a graduating CM senior accepted into the PGA Golf Management program at Ferris State University; second, a renewal of the original scholarship; third, a graduating CM senior golfer attending any golf management school in the USA; fourth, a graduating CM senior golfer planning to attend Ferris State University (priority) or Central Michigan University and fifth, if no one meets the above criteria, a graduating senior band member attending Ferris State University (priority) or Central Michigan University. 

Steve Strait Educational Fund for Innovative Educational Practices... More information will be forthcoming once the endowment is formally established.